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Fruit Cakes

Desserts, fresh baked products.

Caribbean fruit cakes is a moist delicious cake, made with marinated fruit that has been soaking in wine and, then soaked in wine again after baking. 

All products made fresh and shipped within 2 -3 days.

Cookies and cakes baked every Tuesday for shipping or delivery.

Looking to give a small gift to your guests, so they remember your event? We offer, cupcakes{fruitcake} and cookies in beautiful Voile bags. Call or email for customized prices.

Door delivery- $35.00 and up- $2.75 minimum delivery fee. 

Only for the holiday season, delivered to your door, check for availability. Place your orders in advance, before we run out. Contains wheat, milk.

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decorative edible gift bag, cookies, cak

Light fruit cake is a favorite, enjoyed with a cup of tea or as a dessert.

Contains wheat, eggs.

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If you haven't had our fruit cake, then you do not know what fruit cake should taste like. Let us know in advance if you want cake soaked in extra wine.

Contains wheat, eggs.

Taking a bite of this is so refreshing, the taste of coconut, ginger, almond, and cashew. 

{contains nuts, milk}

Not available for shipping

A light puff pastry wrapped with currants, one of the simple pleasures with a cup of tea, or an Apple J.

These Jam filled cookies will be calling your name, even in your sleep. Best enjoyed with a cup of our creamy Lemongrass tea. 

Contains wheat, almonds.

Ginger flan, oh yes, it's not just good but so good for you.

Contains milk.

Not available for shipping.

A rich quality bread enjoyed with a little butter or jelly, or with a cup of tea.

Contains eggs, wheat flour, eggs, and milk.

Rice simmered in milk with ginger and spices.

Contains milk.

A light dessert, made by special order.

Contains milk and wheat.

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