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Farm safety for everyone
For your safety and for the protection of our trees and crops and the wildlife that calls our cottage farm “home”, we ask that you read all the rules and guidelines listed below.
Please observe and follow
ALL notices and signs. The farm is always subject to weather and farm working conditions
 N0 ONE is allowed on the Farm unattended. Since there are multiple varieties of different crops grown throughout the season, we provide Teaching Guides. 

Gotta tell you what the State of Florida and the insurance company want you to know… you’ll see this sign again when you come to the Farm too. It’s required by law.

Under Florida law, an agritourism operator is not liable for injury or death of, or damage or loss to, a participant in an agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location if such injury, death, damage, or loss results from the inherent risks of the agritourism activity. Inherent risks of agritourism activities include, among others, risks of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals, as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury, death, damage, or loss.You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activity.
Now that you’ve read this, let me tell you that you are going out to a working farm where there can be multiple activities, and there are, indeed, things you should keep an eye out for. Most of the things are the same sort of hazards you’d find in your own backyard, but your Guide is going to point them out to you as we go. In a grove, you can encounter many different things- bees, fire ants and other bugs,turtles, snakes or wild animals, sand spurs or an armadillo hole in the ground, and maybe even an alligator. At the northern edge of the Farm is a pond, please do not leave your kids unsupervised. Am I sounding like one of those drug commercials yet? Getting out of bed is dangerous. Just watch where you’re going and be careful.
Farm machinery is in operation in other parts of the Farm and could injure or kill you. Farm workers are NOT looking for you! They are doing their job.
VISITORS, please respect the trees, blossoms, and plants so we can continue to have future trees and plants for our upcoming farmers and teach families to grow their own backyard gardens in the future.
This site is not a park or picnic area, it is a WORKING FARM.
follow the signs and stay where the guide directs you.
DANGER SIGNS will be placed near the workers' area. The employees and volunteers are working NOT LOOKING FOR YOU while they are working, so stay out of their work area and away from any moving vehicle and out of any area marked DANGER.


The farm is open for volunteers Sunday from 9:30 am-2 pm. We look forward to seeing you on the Farm! (Please follow CDC guidelines)

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