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Island Specials.

You can also place orders by text, phone, or email.

Catering for occasions, require at least 3 or more days notice, 813 308 9446

Hot peppers will only be added when cooking as specified for larger catering orders.

Andrew Zimmerman says, it's one of the most awesome sandwiches, and in the top 10 best sandwiches in the world. Snapper and bake.

Pelau gives you that Island feeling. Simmered with coconut milk, carrots, spices and herbs, and served with lettuce and spicy cucumber.

 Andrew Zimmer, one of the best sandwiches. Red snapper and bake, in the islands known as shark and bake. A hefty portion of Red Snapper or sauteed shrimp. tucked in a soft fried bake, with lettuce, tomatoes, and on the side, spicy carrots and tamarind. 

Lou Mein is enjoyed anytime, always with fresh seasonal veggies. 

Oxtail cooked in a caramel gravy, herbs, carrots and spices. This rich thick gravy is not just appealing to the taste buds, but also high in nutrition. White rice served on the side.

Bake with Bacalau and tomatoes, cooked with onions and herbs. Served with spicy cucumber or a spicy mix of carrots. 

Caribbean Chinese style chicken, with white rice, or fried rice, and sir fry veggies.

Sauteed veggies with seasonal veggies.

Contains seafood.

Aromatic yellow rice with chicken, shrimp, sweet peppers, and onions.

Contains seafood.

Caribbean food delivery, Brandon, Riverview, Seffner, Valrico, Tampa, Dover and Apollo beach.

90% of our containers are green products used for daily menu items.

Edible Fruit cake_
Dhal puri roti_
Bake with Bacalau{ salted fish_
Kays stuffed French toast
Scorpion pineapple Jelly_
Chocolate scorpion pepper_
Currants roll_
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