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Roti, wraps, or tortillas.

Roti in the making.

Making roti takes practice. Some has to be prepped hours ahead. One roti can take about 3 to 4 hours. Once the prep is complete, cooking a roti is about 2 to 3 minutes. Recommended to be eaten the day it was cooked. Every culture has some sort of bread, from tortillas, flatbread, naan, there is over a hundred varieties.Enjoy with any of our healthy sides.

Roti will be cooked as you wait, or when ordered.

Made with all purpose flour, and filled with seasoned split peas. Each roti is cooked on a flat surface with a drizzle of oil.  Eaten with meat dishes or vegetables. Order 12 and get a free roti on us. Minimum order 6.

Contains wheat.

Buss - up - shut {Paratha} is a soft flaky roti. Goes great with meat and vegetable dishes. Made with all purpose flour, rolled, buttered, then cooked on a flat surface. Order 12 and get a free roti on us. Minimum order 6.

Contains wheat.

Called a plain roti, tortilla, flatbread, and more. Made with all purpose flour, and can be tweaked with almond flour, whole wheat, coconut flour, flaxseed and herbs. Order 12 and get a free roti on us. Minimum order 6.

Contains wheat, or almond

This roti, is best eaten the same day. Dough is kneaded with caramelized onions and drizzled with olive oil and herbs. There is flavor in every bite, and can be used to eat with your favorite sides.

Contains wheat.

Cooking Buss up shut[Paratha}

You can also place orders by text, phone, or email.

Catering for occasions, require at least 3 or more days notice, 813 308 9446

Hot peppers will only be added when cooking as specified for larger catering orders.

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